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» Privacy policy

Your request for information

If you simply want further information, your data is processed as follows:

  • Your details are transmitted via email to the relevant contact within Future
  • E learning Resource.

  • The email is deleted as soon as contact is made with you
  • Your details are transferred to an internal document only if a follow-up is required
  • When your request has been processed, your details are deleted from our system

Your request for updates or newsletters
If you subscribe to receive updates or newsletters from our website:

  • Your details are stored on our office information database
  • If you later decide to unsubscribe, your details are deleted completely from our information database

Accounting system data
If you buy from us:

  • Information required for invoicing and accounts purposes is stored on our accounts system
  • Our accounts system data is, of course, confidential and never shared

Your Credit card data/Debit Card
If you pay us by credit card:

  • On-line payments are handled independently by www.ccavenue.com
  • Details given to us over the telephone are recorded on paper forms, which are manually filed after security checking and processing, and never archived to any computer system

Third parties and your information
We have no data-sharing relationships with third parties:

  • No details provided by you are ever sold, hired, lent or given to any third party
  • There are no exceptions to this rule