Simply Deliver Courses and Track User Activity

Clear and informative Course Reports

Go in varied and fascinating on-screen reports that are well- coherent online, just the data you need, without unnecessarily looking for redundant information. There is scope to create one’s own customized reports as well as also try preserving reporting templates for future use.


User Live Log Reports

You can see what pages the student accessed, includes the time, date and IP address. You can choose to display the logs on a page or download them in text, ODS or Excel format.


Statistics: Overview of Course User, Admin Activity

Lesson wise User Action Report

You can view variety of lesson activity Reports every subject in the course Ex: Video lesson, Self Study Lesson and Reading Notes Report.


User Grader Report - Quizz

This shows all the students' quiz attempts, with the overall grade, and the grade for each question. There are links to review all the details of a student's attempt, just as the student would see it.

The results can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

There is a setting form at the top of the page that can be used to control what is displayed.

There are check boxes to allow you to individually regrade or delete the selected attempts.


Controlled accessibility

Gain control over online content by acknowledging it or limiting it to preferred users as well as groups.