Learning practices in class room and other educational setups are extremely sophisticated and newer forms of such technological innovations are being made use of off late, referred to as, Learning Management System Deployment with Moodle, that is, much in use by Future E-Learning Resources (FELR). The latter has been making a conscious effort to promote on a large-scale in order to impress upon educationalists and perhaps others involved in E-learning processes the necessity of going for LMS with Moodle.

How does FELR make use of LMS with Moodle?

FELR focus is on deploying, integration as well as managing Moodle LMS for learning processes of a respective organization that is making use of LMS or would like to make use of it. Training as well as consultancy services are offered by FELR for LMS platform based deployment with Moodle.

What is LMS with Moodle all about?

LMS with moodle happens to be a Course Management System (CMS) , which is also referred to as Learning Management Systems or even Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Moodle happens to be an Open Sources Web Application that has been released under GPL that educators as well as trainers will be able to make use of in order to create, effective online and web based learning platform for delivering purposes as well conducting training.

The LMS with Moodle can be conducted in classrooms and business institutions that conduct training classes for their employees. In this day-and age of sophisticated methodology of imparting knowledge and technology that is made use of imparting such information is the latest that brings about superb results. The message is conveyed emphatically and the purpose to enlighten the audience is successfully achieved. LMS with Moodle is a much tested methodology of imparting information.

For whom has LMS with Moodle been designed?

Undoubtedly, any organization that is into formal and informal training will need the LMS with Noodle to deliver training lessons. Perfection is the hallmark of any trade practice and quality in imparting knowledge cannot be compromised at any cost. Students can benefit much from this of learning as well as employees of a business organization, who require necessary training. LMS with noodle delivery of courses that are high in quality and manages as well as keeps a track record of performance levels of those being trained in a highly methodological manner. It is quite evident that LMS with Moodle is vital for the functioning of a business organization as well as an educational set-up. It is well-tested approach of imparting knowledge. It is extremely scalable as well as stable.

Apart from business and educational organizations, other organizations that make use of LMS with moodle as an e-learning platform are BPOs , call centers, insurance companies, retail business, banks, bio-tech companies and other companies that require such services.

What is the scope of the services provided by FELR?

1. LMS installation- It is essential to make provision for the best class based installation service that ensures a secured as well as optimized implementation. This also ensures LMS/e-Learning based platform installation. We try our level best to help out organizations that have both short term as well as long term based courseware development requirements. Learn more about LMS Courseware Development making use of Moodle.

2. LMS deployment oriented consultancy: It is essential to understand and appreciate a business organization as well as requirements of the educational institute. FELR has the utmost capacity to provide deployment guidelines that can best fit organizational needs and also be better placed to develop better processes. Get to know more about the LMS deployment consultancy make using moodle.

3. LMS Course Ware Development – One has to develop newer forms of course material or prefer to migrate from the presently existing ones to LMS/e-learning platform that FELR has to offer. FELR takes extra pride in ensuring that both short term and long term courseware development making use of moodle. Find out more details about LMS Courseware Development by making use of moodle.

4. LMS Customization-cum-Development- FELR goes out of the way to assist in customization process of LMS/e-learning platform (moodle) in order to ensure that it has proper look and feel involving theme, logo as well as color combinations. Other attractive aspects of customization does include development of new modules or perhaps modification of existing ones for the purpose of seamless integration for the purpose of existing module modification for seamless integration for the learning delivery systems that are presently in use. If interested in knowing more, you can find more about LMS development and development of making use of moodle.

5. LMS integration: FELR also provides integrated moodle for the purpose of authentication as well as other documents as well as other necessary documents as well as content management system. For example, LDA, Alfresco Google aaps. To acquire more information please find more about LMS/e-learning platform integration of moodle.

6 LMS hosting services- FELR does make provisions for moodle services. This involves inclusion of management, administration as well as maintenance by making use of systems security, uptime and availability. One can avail of more information about LMS/e-learning platform hosted that we provide.

 7. LMS training: FELR does provide rather a comprehensive training programme  that  a content developer as well as trainers trained on LMS technology as well as training techniques  are making use of moodle. Do find out more about LMS/e-learning training  programme on moodle. FELR   does conduct moodle training in Bangalore,  South and East Asia as well all over India.

8.LMS Support -FELR also does provide  moodle based support service that includes support service that includes systems  administration as well as management, systems monitoring and also provides end user support for creating course teachers as well as students. One can find more information about LMS/e-learning platform support that we provide for making use of moodle. We at FELR do organize required training in Bangalore that are organized all over India, South as well East Asia.