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Video Shooting, Editing and Chroma Keying Services

Whether you want to present your business, production process, corporate infrastructure or you want to capture Training Video, Seminars, Training Workshop shooting with handy cam is not enough now days. We provide you with Professional high definition video shooting with specialized lighting arrangements and later video editing can help you improving your video.

To give professional look and feel FELR offers business video shooting and editing service which covers,

•High definition Video shooting service with professional lighting arrangements.
• Improving video quality in terms of colours and brightness
• Removing unwanted scenes
• Adding titles / subtitles
• Special effects
• Improving sound quality

Our video editing service can also coverts and compresses your video for other purpose like integration of videos into website, into PowerPoint and flash presentations, for CD Roms and DVDs where you want to cover long video footage in limited space.

Video Chroma Keying

Chroma Key is the process of recording a subject over a colored background, usually green or blue and replacing the background with other content or leaving it transparent. FELR uses a state of the art studio facilities with all the need full equipment to produce high quality videos in short time. We produce exceptional keying quality. We use a portable screen allowing us to take it on location if necessary. So the next time you want to record a short video or interview, come into our studio and let us shoot your video or we can bring it to you. We can substitute the background with any image or virtual set which can bring your video to life.

SCORM Services

SCORM has been our standardized yardstick, as it is so in the present e-learning industry; but, of course, it still does not mean that we understand easily! At FELR, we do utilize SCORM , as well as, work with our client , i.e. in order, to implement a SCORM-compliant; perhaps, one needs our assistance making one to conform to the current SCORM standards. FELR believes in a logical approach to SCORM-based issues. We, no doubt, can rather quickly implement a SCORM solution for you, i.e usually within a span of 1-3 business days.

FELR has the required expertise in working out with open source LMS programs such as Moodle. We can also help you with their implementation, that focus upon customized programming for required solutions within the framework of LMS.

The process outline is as such:

Quiz Module

Quizzes can be configured to allow multiple attempts. Each attempt at a question is automatically marked, and the teacher can choose whether to give feedback and/or show the correct answers.

There are many ways to use a quiz.

  • Feedback about performance and self-assessment are important parts of a learning environment. There are several ways to give feedback to students: on each question or overall. The quiz module can display feedback and scores at different times during the quiz, using the review options in the Quiz settings.
  • A wide variety of Quiz reports (in addition to Grades) are available for use by the teacher. Quiz reports not only can focus on a single student's attempt to answer each question, but also can perform a robust item analysis of a question's validity based upon aggregated student responses.
  • A single quiz can automatically select random and/or specific questions from different categories of questions.