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The FELR Customised Moodle LMS for Corporates has been especially created for corporate training.

It shares many features of the ordinary FELR Customised Moodle LMS, but it is also equipped with other features which make it better attuned to the needs of a corporate environment.

Add/Modify Courses

The Administrator / Instructor can easily add or modify SCORM compliant courses in the FELR Customised Moodle LMS. This easy flexibility in adding and modifying courses provides a lot of convenience and saves the Administrator's time too. Whether the need is to educate dealers or train staff, your organization can quickly implement new learning material in response to new business requirements.

SCORM Conformant Content

The FELR Customised Moodle LMS is SCORM 1.2 conformant allowing for easy integration of your content. Simply select the package file and the LMS will build the course structure as identified in the imsmanifest.xml document. Our SCORM 1.2 run-time will accommodate your course function calls, providing a seamless integration of your 3rd party courses. For those who are not familiar with SCORM, we also have SCORM consultant services to help you get up to speed with the latest lingo in e-learning.

Add/Modify Students and Instructors

Will LMS would be complete without the ability to maintain and add students and instructors? The FELR Customised Moodle LMS allows you to create each user from the data entry screen, or by importing a comma separated list.

Establish Permissions

Either by individual assignment, or group assignment the FELR Customised Moodle LMS gives you the ability to grant access to courses. This provisioning function allows you to segment your student population to see the most important items. This allows you to tailor courses for students.

Create enrollment keys

For those courses where mass enrollments are required we offer the use of an enrollment key. An enrollment key gives an individual access rights to get into a course or quiz. When a course becomes available, simply communicate the enrollment key to your student audience. Students will have the ability to redeem this key for course access. This is particularly advantageous for courses requiring a large subscription base.

Administer and Facilitate online quizzes

To facilitate feedback from courses the FELR Customised Moodle LMS has a built in assessment engine. Simply add questions and responses to create a quiz instance. The values from this can be used to measure the efficacy of your course as well as give you an overall understanding of the competency of your student population. Metrics and roll up information allows you to see how well the students in your organization are performing.

Ability to set up hierarchical reporting

For those of you interested in a more customizable solution the FELR Customised Moodle LMS gives you the flexibility to establish hierarchies. These reporting structures can be implemented to mirror your organization structure. This hierarchy mirroring allows you to view the courses and/or data that is meaningful for each echelon of management.